Forest School & Holiday Club

Forest schools happens as regularly as possible.

Visits continue throughout the year, allowing children to experience all weathers and the changing seasons. Forest schools are led by the child’s interests, allowing them to investigate, develop┬ácuriosity and exploration using all of their senses, empowering children in the natural environment, and encouraging spatial awareness and motor development.

They learn and benefit in areas of social skills such as team-building and cooperation, planning and recognition of their own achievements. By setting children small manageable tasks through fun activities and giving praise, they are given a good foundation for future learning. What better place to learn about nature and the changing seasons than out in the forest itself.

The combination of freedom and responsibility has been particularly beneficial to children who suffer from lack of confidence. With high adult to child ratios, children can safely experience activities that are often prohibited, such as climbing trees and independent exploration, but also controlled risk taking.

The forest schools allow children to grow in confidence and independence and extend their abilities.