Our Outdoor and Forest Area

We have a fantastic outdoor area that is totally secure for children to explore and play.

We have an adventure side that has a rope bridge, a wobbly bridge, a balancing beam and a large willow tree with a rope ladder that children love to climb up.  It also has a large sand pit that the children love to sit in and play, and another covered area that can be used for story telling, tales toolkit, games, construction, imaginative, drawing, etc.

Our playground is part tarmac and part soft play so we have climbing equipment, sand, water and messy play in trays, ball games, and the children love the bikes and prams out.  We also have have two pet rabbits called ‘Jazzy’ and ‘Whisper’ that the children help to feed and look after.

Our forest area is where our outdoor classroom sits, and it has a ‘real’ mud kitchen in an area where the children know they can dig in the field.  It has a willow tunnel and den and bamboo that the children love to play games like hide and seek in.  They have growing patches where they grow vegetables and herbs and it has a small orchard and the children help to pick the apples to eat and to make apple pies with.  It has a wormery and a large bug hotel that the children themselves are making, and an area where they feed the birds daily.

Our younger children access these areas twice daily with their keyworkers, and our Ramblers are outside all day learning and exploring.  During the Summer months the children even have their lunch outside.

Please look at our Forest Nursery tab for more information and all the benefits of outdoor play.