Parent Partnership

At First Steps Nursery we understand that your child is your most treasured possession and this is the foundation on which we believe a partnership should be built. We believe that the best parent partnership is built on trust and we recognise that working in partnership with parents/carers is of major value and importance.  Once this partnership is in place any information regarding children can be exchanged easily and comfortably by nursery staff and parent/carer. This partnership is a three way process and involves the child, the parents and the nursery.

We have settling in sessions for new children, which not only give staff the opportunity to get to know the child, but also form the beginning of our relationship with the parent/carer.  As a nursery we recognise that this settling in period is sometimes harder for the parents and it is important that they have formed a strong bond with the staff.  We place an enormous emphasis on supporting parents through this transition.  This in turn helps the child to be far more settled and emotionally secure.

We also have various free sessions such as ‘Baby Sense and ‘Toddler Tasters’ that parents are welcome to come and join in with their child (see our ‘What’s on’ page for more details).  In addition we run Multi-Sensory sessions at a small charge of £1.50 per child.  These are ‘Sensory and Heuristic’, ‘Rhythm Time’ and ‘Messy Play’ (again, see our ‘What’s on’ page for more details).

Parents are welcomed into our in-house training and this year have joined us in three training evenings on child development.

Some of our staff have been trained to deliver a 10 week course on the Solihull Approach to ‘Understanding your Child’s Behaviour’ and have delivered two of these courses for parents.

We have various fun days across the year that parents come and join in with together with their children.

The parents have organised and joined in the carnival this year and were awarded ‘Best Walking Group – Highly Commended’.

If you would like to join the First Steps Nursery Parents Partnership, please Contact Us or drop in and have chat.