Our Outdoor Area

We access the outdoors on a daily basis as we strongly believe that fresh air is a basic need for a healthy life and the outdoor environment is crucial in children’s learning and development.  We always ensure that the children are appropriately dressed for all weathers.  We have a safe outdoor area which includes a soft play area, grass, tarmac, a small fenced area for our babies, a garden area for planting and growing and a mud kitchen for the children to explore.  All our children are regularly taken out on walks in the local community, the meadows and the Torrs.  Our babies and toddlers are taken out in double buggies.  Feeding the ducks on the way to our sister nursery at Furness Vale is a favourite with them!  Our older children also access the local library and are offered weekly swimming lessons, in addition to taking part in weekly regular forest sessions at our Furness Vale Forest Nursery.