Our children move up into this group when they are nice and steady and are at the stage when they want to explore independently.  The majority of their day is spent outside in the fresh air.  However they still have their own indoor classroom with both a carpeted area and a hard floor.  Children have the freedom of choice for what they wish to play with.  There is a quiet area where they can get absorbed in books, a computer station, a whole variety of construction toys, imaginative toys, games and jigsaws, and plenty of paper with writing tools and paint if they wish.

Our children in this group also have an outdoor classroom that they can access freely when they are outside.  This is set out, again with a story cave where they can have quiet time and share books, a large craft and painting area, an investigation area with magnifying glasses, binoculars to use outdoors and lots of resource books to find out about things they have found and seen outside. They also have access to a tablet to look things up if they wish. The classroom also has a tool bench with real tools that they are taught how to use safely so they can make things.  Staff support and monitor children closely but allow them to make things themselves and the children are always very proud of their achievements.  They also have a snack area where a drink and snack is always available – it’s thirsty work playing outside!